Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things You Should Not Ask During A Job Interview

1.         Are you married?
-           If you are looking for a date, try one of the online dating services, it will be cheaper in the end.

For you clever ones… What is your maiden name?  - Also inappropriate

2.         How old are you?
-           Hoping this one doesn’t need too much explanation.

Again, for the clever ones…  Did we graduate together in 1990? – Not so clever!

3.         Do you plan on getting pregnant?
-           If you ask this one, be sure to call us next.

4.         What religion do you practice?
-           Hopefully obvious…

5.         So what is your nationality?
-           However you can ask if the interviewee if they are legally permitted to work in the country.

6.         Do you have any disabilities?
-           From an ADAAA, the less you know here the better.

7.         Ever been arrested?
-           Philly has specifically outlawed this on the first interview.

8.         Are you in the National Guard?
-           You should be ashamed of yourself if you ask this.

9.         Have you ever filed a Workers Compensation claim?
-           Again, from an ADAAA the less you know the better for you.

10.       What kind of organizations do you belong to?
-           The National Labor Relations Board could have fun with you

Good luck!!!


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