Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 More Things I Think I Think...

1.      I think Charlie Sheen has a great lawsuit against his former employee for breach of contract and a spectacular case for a breach of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sad... But true!
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2.      With all this rain, I think building an ark just may end up being a good idea.

3.      Is it time to forgive Tiger Woods.  It's amazing how many people started watching golf or playing because of Woods. Much like Mike Tyson and boxing.  Can't remember the last fight I watched that didn’t feature Tyson.  

4.      The PA Liquor Control Board is think selling bottles of liquor in kiosks in supermarkets… Now that I no longer own a bar!   Seriously... grocery shopping IS a pain but easier access to booze?  Do we really need that? 

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5.      Looks like EVERYONE was celebrating the Osama bin Laden’s killing

6.      Since I touched on the Royal Wedding… What was with those hats???  Do they break all the mirrors before a Royal Wedding?

7.      The “May 21, 2012 Judgment Day” is came and went…  I actually got a letter in the mail asking me to “Save the Date”  Hmmm…  Who are these people???  

8.      With the new Judgment Day (October 21st) coming up I’m wondering if we all have our priorities straight…  An Abbeville, South Carolina man was on his way to get a haircut, when he ran out of gas. He ends up walking the rest of the way into town for that haircut and rather than get gas, he buys a lottery ticket.  The scratch-off ticket he bought ended up being a $200,000 winner.  Bet he’s hoping the zealots are wrong!

9.      Many of us know that when a land developer wants to build houses, the scariest thing is to find bog turtles, some protected flower or artifacts.  Those things can stop you dead in your tracks… UNLESS you’re digging for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale region.  Turns out an excavation at a Westmoreland County (Pennsylvania) site once occupied by Monongahela Indians produced abundant evidence of two villages and allowed researchers to piece together the violent end of the later settlement at the hand of invaders who sacked it, massacred its inhabitants and burned houses and food stores but when researchers returned they found a drill rig and catchment basin sitting on half the village.  Turns out that while we don’t even tax those drilling companies for what they pull from the ground, Pennsylvania's laws offer little or no protection for archaeological resources.  So maybe if all you land developers (those of you still left) keep a drill rig handy you can bypass all that red-tape while you dig out those pesky bog turtles, protected flowers and artifacts.

10.  Central PA has some amazingly generous people.  I want to thank you all for making Jump Street’s 10th Annual Derby Day Fundraiser a huge success.  We have even hit the Washington DC social scene!
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Check The Box...

Employers beware!

The City of Philadelphia has adopted a new trend in employment law.  The City's "Check the Box" rule, in essence, provides that an employer cannot inquire whether a prospective employee has ever been convicted of a crime. 

About one in four adults, or 65 million people across the country, has a criminal record, which can often make it difficult for those who are also unemployed to find a job, as many Philadelphia residents can imagine.

A recent report from the National Employment Law Center showed that many employers, including large companies such as Domino's Pizza or Bank of America, will announce job openings that often exclude applicants with a criminal record. One employment ad from Bank of America, for instance, states "candidates must be able to pass: background check (no felonies or misdemeanors)."

Another study conducted last year revealed 92 percent of employers may dismiss some or sometimes all applicants who have a criminal conviction. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, jobseekers in Philly are even required to check a box on job applications when asked whether they have been arrested or convicted for a crime.

However, the City Council is seeking to pass a "ban the box" ordinance that will remove the box from both online and paper job applications. Employers would also be prohibited from asking candidates about their criminal history until after their first interview, which is when they are allowed to run any background checks and ask any questions related to the applicant's criminal record.

"[The ordinance] requires the employer to give candidates the opportunity to be judged strictly on their merits during the application and the first interview ..." explained William Nesheiwat, the director of legislation for City Council member Donna Reed Miller, who sponsors the measure. "Our goal is to create something that helps the individual with a record but does not hurt businesses and their clients."

Criminal Records May Prevent Jobseekers From Finding A Job  By Erline Aguiluz

Seemingly with the passage of that ordinance, the City Council and Mayor added one more thing for employers to be concerned with when trying to locate a competent & productive new hire.

Those employers concerned about hiring ex-cons - like a bank, security company or anyone that needs to bond their employees - can take solace that the ordinance allows you to ask that same question after the first interview.

Interesting law which intended to help ex-cons secure employment but will likely result in a lot of wasted employer time.  Hopefully the trend, in its current state, will not continue.

What do you think?